The story of our success

History of MOC Ordercenter

Follow the milestones of our exciting success story from the initial idea to construction and recent transformations at the MOC Ordercenter.

Laying of the foundation stone zoom

A new concept for the industry

In 1992, Manfred Wutzlhofer, former CEO of what was then known as the “Münchner Messe- und Ausstellungsgesellschaft”, formulated his vision: “We are pursuing a unique new future concept with the MOC Ordercenter Munich. For the first time ever, we will allow buyers to bundle their ordering activities in one building.”

Construction project of the MOC Ordercenter zoom

Impressive construction project

In the beginning, there were 30,000 square meters of green space, 300,000 cubic meters of earth, 78,000 square meters of floor space above ground and 60,000 square meters underground. 87,000 cubic meters of concrete was mixed and reinforced with 16,200 tons of steel. 26,800 square meters of glass was used for the roof.

Exterior view of the MOC Ordercenter zoom

Luminous clarity and transparency

International star architect Helmut Jahn created the MOC Ordercenter at the site of the German Railway's repair center for locomotives and freight cars. Its primary elements are glass, steel and light. When it opened in 1993, the MOC Ordercenter Munich was bright, spacious and futuristic.

Atrium of the MOC Ordercenter zoom

Unique combination for strong success

Our combination of brand expertise, permanent showrooms and sector-specific order events enthralled the industry and provided for rapidly growing success.

Competent MOC Centermanagement

One of the major reasons for its popularity is certainly the full-service support that we at the MOC Ordercenter have provided our tenants and trade visitors from the very beginning.

The foyer of the MOC Ordercenter zoom

The new MOC Ordercenter Munich

We redesigned the foyer just in time for the MOC's 20th anniversary. Oversize white walls and integrated light elements give you even more room to individually showcase your brand.

The future of the ordering process has begun
When it opened, the industry enthusiastically celebrated both the building and the concept of the MOC Ordercenter. The following descriptions indicate how futuristic this pioneering achievement was perceived when it opened.

“The MOC is going to take off like a rocket!”
Sports fashion designer Peter Steinebronn made this forecast at the roofing ceremony on Februa

Opening of the “Dream Ship”
Designed by architect Helmut Jahn, the “Dream Ship for Sports and Fashion” captured the attention of the entire indus

Perfect hidden technology
“Like a socket that provides everything with power but is as inconspicuous as possible.” That is how Helmut Jahn described the technology in the building. It is centrally accessible from anywhere, yet it remains hidden on the inside.